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Editorial Vol.1(2)


Mangala Fonseka

Editor, LK
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In today’s ‘runaway world’ (Giddens 2000) with unprecedented advances in technologies, highly competitive markets and erratic fluctuations in financial markets that keep reshaping our lives, creating and disseminating new knowledge become increasingly important to face the new challenges that confront organizations and society. The NSBM Journal of Management (NSBMJM) with the publication of its second issue continues to contribute towards meeting this need by presenting the findings of studies that cover a wide range of themes which are of topical interest to academia, industry and policy makers. They will have direct implications in managerial settings locally as well as in similar developing countries, and further, draw the attention of researchers in the developed world as they seek to understand their changing world of complexity and diversity.

How to Cite: Fonseka, M. (2016). Editorial Vol.1(2). NSBM Journal of Management, 1(2). DOI:
Published on 28 Jul 2016.


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